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Among recent 2017 trends of hues, textures and material another trend is very much making a comeback, it’s something where we possibly spend a third of our day...

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The richness of browns and warm peaches often go unnoticed, these hues often generate the feeling of comfort, ease and indulgence. It can be as a large statement piece or even accent pieces within a home space. Warmer tones often bring comfort into homes, and currently stand as a popular trend during the colder seasons – from different oak finishes, to supple leathers and textured fabrics, the choices and combinations are endless.

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As cork is a natural product, it enriches any interior with its warmth and soft nature. It can be used in many ways, on the floor, ceiling and walls. It can also come in a variety of colours, from its classic and familiar honey tones all the way through to black.

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It doesn’t matter if your place is large or small, plants make all the difference, they bring life and colour into a space. Bringing the outdoors in doors is not only a great way to freshen up your living space but they also introduce a new element into the room. 

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Here at Camerich we love our four-legged friends and welcome them into our showrooms when you come to visit. We understand the importance of maintaining your sofas and beds to the highest standard which can sometimes prove difficult when they are around! 

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