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Camerich is expert on contemporary sofas –  offering various choices of ranges and styles. Not only is our furniture appealing to the eye, but also cleverly designed. Contemporary designs showcase sleek and simplistic lines for a minimalistic look. However do not think this gives it less personality, less is more remember!

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Get the Afrocentric look

Afrocentric: Emphasizing or promoting emphasis on African culture and the contributions of Africans to the development of Western civilization

Have you ever been to Africa, or are just dying to go? Soothe your soul until your holiday by turning your home into an African paradise!

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Camerich Treats

A new year has begun and it’s time for us to not only work on the resolutions which we promisingly made a few weeks ago but also it is time to treat ourselves. The cold weather invites us to stay at home to enjoy a large cup of tea together with these rich chunky chocolate cookies. As we all know a short moment of indulgence can lead to long hours in the gym. A different and possibly easier way to enjoy your time at home more at this time of the year is to start decorating your rooms with new comfortable pieces of furniture. Add these colourful, cosy elements which you have always wanted to get; it is time to treat yourself.

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