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New Season, New Sofa!

It’s a new season and that often means new trends start flowing in to the Interior Design world. Keeping up with ever-changing design trends can be tricky and quite pricey! Here at Camerich we give you the opportunity to update your decor scheme without having to empty your pockets!

Posted on Saturday 29th of March 2014 in Main ... read more

Footstools Ottomans and loungers

The daffodils have sprung up, the blossom has blossomed, spring has arrived! Enjoy the sunshine whilst it’s here, why not put your feet up and RELAX!

Posted on Wednesday 26th of March 2014 in Main ... read more

Bohemian Chic

Boho-chic may now not necessarily relate to a fashion trend, this concept can also be applied to your home. Bohemian chic combines organic, colourful, detailed styles with simple, modern influences.

Posted on Friday 21st of March 2014 in Main ... read more

What is it made of?

One of the most common questions we are asked in the showroom is “What is it made of?”. 

Posted on Thursday 20th of March 2014 in Main ... read more

Camerich Inspires

The Camerich Kingston showroom opened its doors at the start of December, three months on and we have firmly settled in along the bustling Eden Walk!

Posted on Tuesday 11th of March 2014 in Main ... read more


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