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Urban Jungle

Keeping plants in your home not only make your space look beautiful but can also bring many physical and mental health benefits. For those of you living in cities where the air quality is bad, indoors can actually end up being 12 times more polluted! Research shows that many houseplants can improve your health and fight these pollutants in your home. As well as eliminating harmful gases in the air, plants can help fight colds, reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

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The Media Room

The centre of family time within the 21st Century home appeared to consist of hurdling around the kitchen table over a tea or coffee. However there has gradually been a movement of space making way for a more comfortable and snug setting within the TV room; where gathering around and indulging in an addictive TV series or a movie seems to be a thing of now.

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City Inspired Palette

The colour palette in the majority of our homes is one that almost mimics the vast array of colours in the natural world. From the blues and greens of the ocean to the reds and greens of the flowerbed and everything in-between. Humans have been fascinated with nature, living alongside it, around it, and since the first houses were erected attempting to mimic it in our homes. Wood carving, stonework, painting the walls. Our inspiration has been the great outdoors. As a result a theme has woven its way throughout almost every home in the western world.

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The Illusion Of Space This Spring

When living in a small space, you unfortunately have to make some compromises when it comes to furniture buying, decorating and even storage solutions. There are plenty of easy solutions which help make your small space look larger, more inviting and sleek.

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Practical Patterns - Herringbone

This blog is dedicated to the timeless and distinctive herringbone pattern and its use within interiors and design.

The pattern, named for its resemblance to the skeleton of a herring fish, is a wonderfully versatile fabric used in fashion, furniture, graphic design and artwork. This truly adaptable design is seen everywhere. 

Posted on Monday 20th of April 2015 in Main ... read more

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