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Chelsea in Bloom

Flowers - For saying Congratulations, I Love You, I’m Sorry, Births Marriages Deaths, For Lovers, Mothers, Thank you’s, For a friend in need, or Just to make them Smile. We give flowers for many reasons, but one thing remains constant, the sense of occasion. Be it celebration or commiseration, the delicate, ephemeral beauty of flowers expresses that something is happening right now…

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Add Zen to you home

Japanese design and philosophy is innately simple; light, space, line and quality materials are just a few of the essential elements used to create a Zen, minimalist space. Thousands of years immersed in tradition have influenced the design aesthetic in Japan, creating cultured and serene Interior and exterior settings.

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The Beauty of the Book

In this digital age, it is easy to read everything from your phone, tablet or computer. The technological feats will continue to impress and draw us in, however, the beauty of the book needs to be celebrated and remembered in our lives and what’s more, in our interiors.

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How to transform your home with hotel luxuries

Escaping away to a hotel is the ultimate retreat; the time where you can enjoy the luxurious setting, the chic interiors and order room service from the comfort of your own bed! Here at Camerich, we believe you can bring some of these comforts into your own home, by designing your house with pieces that make you feel at ease and promote high end, luxury design.

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The grown-up yet playful home

As we grow older it is often thought that we become more professional and serious, in the process losing some of our creativity and playfulness. This does not need to be the case, by injecting some creativity and excitement into our homes our playful sides can come alive

Posted on Monday 9th of May 2016 in Main ... read more

back to nature

I have always loved images of interiors with a natural theme and beautiful spaces that use colour and texture to make you picture the great outdoors. Perhaps this is because my childhood growing up in the country side or my hobby as a painter, either way I can’t help but dream to live in a plant filled, dark green New York loft with exposed brickwork.

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Tech-Less Living Spaces

A concurring trend prediction by both Houzz and Elle Décor Magazine of the ‘tech-less living space’ is shaking up the interior world. Homeowners are looking for spaces that devoid the use of screens so that socialising and a well needed respite from the technology driven aspect of our generation is present.

Posted on Wednesday 4th of May 2016 in Main ... read more

Rest and Recuperation

Create a space within your home that is tranquil yet visually impacting with the use of a chaise or a lounge chair.

Posted on Sunday 1st of May 2016 in Main ... read more


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