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Got a Small Space? Here's How to Use Patterns the Right Way

When thinking of decorating a small space, one’s initial thought would be to keep it light and airy to maximise one’s space. The ancient rule that lingers at the back of everyone’s mind is ‘not to use pattern in small spaces...’ however, I think it’s fair to say that rule is long gone and 2016 interiors are exposed to exotic jungle prints to Seventies  style and quirky fold touches! Patterns add excitement and energy to a room, and a square footage should never limit creativity.   

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Shades of Grey

Even though the weather might be grey, it’s time to start using it as inspiration for our home. Forget the grey skies, this colour has now come inside to be a staple to our interior.

Cool tone greys can be used in your home to balance a space, and add an element of calm and create a cosy environment for relaxing.

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Lacquer in Interiors

Lacquer is coating which gives the ideal contemporary finish to all woods, creating a range of finishes from ultra matte to a high gloss on your surface. It is an exeptionally durable product, it can be whipped clean and with its high gloss finish it can open up a space and reflect the light.

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Fire Place Design

It can be agreed that a fire place if the heart of a home. They can be either a phenomenal statement feature or a subtle detail on your terrace. A contemporary fireplace is the perfect way to introduce lavish luxury to your property.


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The Far East

Since the middle ages, the Far East has been known to Europeans only through the luxury goods than penetrated westwards i.e. Silks, Lacquer, Porcelain, Ivory etc. It is not secret that lately oriental inspired furniture has been in high demand to many people. The beauty of Asian inspired furniture lies in its practicality and simplicity with its own special charm.

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