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Typography In Interiors

“Home Sweet Home”… Those three little words we have been using in our homes for decades is now a thing of the past! Throw out your doormats and hanging needlepoint pieces and take a look at some new and exciting ways to bring fun fonts into your home!  

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Mixed Metals

From industrial steel to delicate rose gold, metals are commonly used in interior design to create a bold statement in the home. However the idea of mixing metals has long been a taboo in the world of fashion and interiors. 


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The Worlds Best House

This week David Chipperfield’s latest architectural design has been called the best house in the world by the famous Architectural Review. Located in Oxfordshire, this three-bed house, is situated amongst a 50 acre plot which cost its owners £6.7 million.

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Wes Anderson Designs Bar for Prada

The Grand Budapest Hotel director Wes Anderson has made his fans dreams come true after recently lending his design talents to Bar Luce in Milan.

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How To Brighten Up Your Grey

Grey is a great base colour to start working with, you can build up a beautiful colour palette using layering techniques to feel relaxed and easy in your favourite rooms.

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The Oxford library designed by Zaha Hadid

This blog is dedicated to Zaha Hadid and the new ultra-modern extension to the centre of Middle-Eastern culture at the University of Oxford.

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More Art. Less Decoration

As technology moves forwards in leaps and bounds, we welcome in a new and exciting chapter for our interiors. People are starting to really play with their living spaces and trying to reflect their individuality and personality throughout their homes. Feather is a great company that promotes said personality, unique style and above all else, art. They also pay royalties to the artists who design the prints, meaning more original artwork can continue to be produced!

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 After what seems like an endless winter it’s finally time to put the boots away and bring out your summer clothes (even if you still have to have an emergency umbrella stored in your bag) But why stop at your wardrobe when getting into the summer mood? This also the perfect time of year to give your home a refresh.


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Statement Table Lamps - CSYS by Jake Dyson

What better way to illuminate your Camerich furniture than with one of 2015’s hottest interior design trends; a statement table lamp?


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House & Garden Interior Event

House & Garden held a brand new interiors event in Olympia London, running from the 17-20th June.  Over 25,000 people attended, all there to celebrate interior design & craftsmanship from around the world.

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Product Design by Chen Chen and Kai Williams

Brooklyn-based designers Chen Chen and Kai Williams met whilst studying industrial design at Pratt Institute in the early 2000s. With Chen and Williams both having a strong background in design and architecture, they decided to get together in 2011 and that’s where their collaborative practise all started. Their very playful work plays emphasis on materiality and nuanced processes, changing the function of everyday items and materials.

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