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Storage is a necessity in any space to keep your room looking organised and clean. Storage units such as wardrobes, drawers and cabinets can often be seen as something you can just put all your miscellaneous items in, however storage units can also be a statement piece of furniture in the room; it can add the necessary character and colour that can suit your space.

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Outside Inside

Even though it still feels like winter and we are far away from the hot, sunny season, we think what better way to reminisce about summer than inviting a flower or a bit of green into your home. 


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With the cold winter slowly dispersing, the warmer months are soon underway, the spring time season holds the perfect opportunity to clean up and re-decorate. This calls for our fantastic range of accent pieces that can be used around the home to spruce up in time for the new season.

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Home renovation has always been something we are interested in. There’s something incredibly satisfying about witnessing the before and after of an improvement project. 

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With this New Year we are sure you will have prepared an extensive list of resolutions to live up to, this will probably include healthy living, getting the perfect body for summer and learning a new language. As you spruce up your life, why not also show your home a little TLC.

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