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The Power of Texture in Interiors

What makes an interior appealing? The overriding question that dominates our thoughts when designing a space. The broad answer to that question would be; aspects that appeal to the senses – sight, sound, scent, and touch. In terms of interior design, sight and touch play the most significant role when it comes to creating a sensory-pleasing space.

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Walking In Memphis

The Memphis movement was founded in December 1980 by the Italian Postmodernist designer and architect Ettore Sottsass. Sottsass decided to gather a group of young designers together in Milan to discuss his plans to produce a line of furniture with no set formula.

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A Bit On The Side

Sideboards. Once just something Granny kept the Sherry in. Or the spare sherry anyway, if your Granny, like mine, had a devoted drinks cabinet as well as a sideboard.

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Decorating Like a Millionaire

Not everyone can afford to live like a millionaire. Designer price tags have sky rocketed over the last decade but this doesn’t mean we have to adhere to these demanding prices! There are ways we can live like a millionaire without spending like one.

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Handmade Lighting

More than ever before, the lighting industry has become more and more customised and creative. Home owners are becoming more daring and want something more unique and personal within their home. Handmade lgithing has played a big part in design schemes over the last year and its popularity is still projected to increase over the coming months

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What's Hot This Summer

Pinks and Purples - Some people automatically assume that these shades are more for children than sophisticated adults. However, these colours can add warmth and character to the room, especially within a smaller space. Calming colours like lavender are trending as it is a soothing shade with room to boldly accessorise.

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Leather Lifestyle

Leather is making a comeback and it’s not only in our wardrobes or on our sofas. More traditionally, leather was used for sofas and armchairs. But interior trends have changed and have now expanded. People use leather for their walls, tables and accessories. The idea that leather is masculine is long gone.

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Choosing The Perfect Colour

Choosing a colour for your room is never an easy decision, with so many things to bear in mind from room size and style, to your personality and the mood you wish to create, finding the perfect hue can seem like an extremely complex task as well as quite a commitment. Whether you are going boldly for mono-colour or opting for more of a tonal effect, colour can have a huge impact on your interior styling and is arguably one of the most key features to be considered. 

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The Best Night's Sleep

It can be hard work trying to find the right mattress to give you the sleep of your dreams after a long, tiresome day! With so many studies being done into our sleeping patterns, it can be tough to keep up with all the new innovations in mattress design. We know the way we sleep affects our day to day life in a profound way, so why not give yourself the best start (and end!) to the day.

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Sporting Influence

The world of sport is hugely prominent and influential to areas such as fashion and lifestyle, with readily available performance wear and the fit-bit crazy rapidly evolving, whether you’re an avid skier, casual runner or a football fanatic, sporting influence reaches out to us across all platforms. 

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Summer Stock Clearance At Camerich

Summer is finally here and Camerich wants to make this summer one to remember! We are holding a ‘Summer Stock Clearance’ throughout July to ensure that all of our customers have a chance of grabbing some great deals to start off your summer the right way.

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Sustainable and Ethical Design

The need for sustainability in all aspects of life is becoming increasingly important in today’s (ever-warmer) climate; a world where billions of tons of food is wasted each day whilst millions of people continue to die of starvation. As it becomes ever-apparent that the earth’s natural resources are by no means infinitely available, it has become vital to explore new ways of producing. Sourcing sustainable materials and reducing waste in the production process are therefore considered key issues for designers across the globe in the Twenty-First Century. 

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Got a Small Space? Here's How to Use Patterns the Right Way

When thinking of decorating a small space, one’s initial thought would be to keep it light and airy to maximise one’s space. The ancient rule that lingers at the back of everyone’s mind is ‘not to use pattern in small spaces...’ however, I think it’s fair to say that rule is long gone and 2016 interiors are exposed to exotic jungle prints to Seventies  style and quirky fold touches! Patterns add excitement and energy to a room, and a square footage should never limit creativity.   

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Shades of Grey

Even though the weather might be grey, it’s time to start using it as inspiration for our home. Forget the grey skies, this colour has now come inside to be a staple to our interior.

Cool tone greys can be used in your home to balance a space, and add an element of calm and create a cosy environment for relaxing.

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