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Happy Halloween

Halloween is upon us and celebrations are well underway. If your pumpkin is carved and your costume is waiting in your wardrobe, take a look through our Halloween inspiration and furniture that’s perfect for the occasion.

Posted on Monday 31st of October 2016 in Main ... read more

How Important Is Your Headboard?

Headboards are becoming more and more of a statement feature in a room. Many different types are being considered for different spaces such as contemporary, minimal, industrial, sustainable, classic and many more. These categories can include different materials such as timber, ceramic, upholstered and metals etc. 

Posted on Monday 24th of October 2016 in Main ... read more

Pink Is The New Grey

As a celebration of our new range of fabrics, some of our favourite Camerich sofas have had a makeover and are now making an appearance in a completely new colour across our showrooms.

Posted on Friday 14th of October 2016 in Main ... read more

The Terracotta Trend

Predicted to be one of the new hot trends for 2017 terracotta is coming back in, the current white-tone trend will give way to warm tones and matte terracotta tiles. When you think terracotta it doesn’t automatically have to be bright orange, rustic and loud, an array of effects can be created, it just all depends on how you play it.

Posted on Thursday 6th of October 2016 in Main ... read more

Perfectly Practical

Camerich have recently launched a collection of thoughtfully designed products that are both practical and aestheically pleasing, perfect for social events.

Posted on Saturday 24th of September 2016 in Main ... read more

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