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The Power of Texture in Interiors

What makes an interior appealing? The overriding question that dominates our thoughts when designing a space. The broad answer to that question would be; aspects that appeal to the senses – sight, sound, scent, and touch. In terms of interior design, sight and touch play the most significant role when it comes to creating a sensory-pleasing space.

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Walking In Memphis

The Memphis movement was founded in December 1980 by the Italian Postmodernist designer and architect Ettore Sottsass. Sottsass decided to gather a group of young designers together in Milan to discuss his plans to produce a line of furniture with no set formula.

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A Bit On The Side

Sideboards. Once just something Granny kept the Sherry in. Or the spare sherry anyway, if your Granny, like mine, had a devoted drinks cabinet as well as a sideboard.

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Decorating Like a Millionaire

Not everyone can afford to live like a millionaire. Designer price tags have sky rocketed over the last decade but this doesn’t mean we have to adhere to these demanding prices! There are ways we can live like a millionaire without spending like one.

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Handmade Lighting

More than ever before, the lighting industry has become more and more customised and creative. Home owners are becoming more daring and want something more unique and personal within their home. Handmade lgithing has played a big part in design schemes over the last year and its popularity is still projected to increase over the coming months

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