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Fire Place Design

It can be agreed that a fire place if the heart of a home. They can be either a phenomenal statement feature or a subtle detail on your terrace. A contemporary fireplace is the perfect way to introduce lavish luxury to your property.


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The Far East

Since the middle ages, the Far East has been known to Europeans only through the luxury goods than penetrated westwards i.e. Silks, Lacquer, Porcelain, Ivory etc. It is not secret that lately oriental inspired furniture has been in high demand to many people. The beauty of Asian inspired furniture lies in its practicality and simplicity with its own special charm.

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Relax and Unwind

Camerich have released an exciting new range of chairs called the Nobel range, they are contemporary yet comfortable. The chairs can be made in your choice of leather or fabric, chosen from our vast range of fabric swatches. 

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Mixed Metals

Declaring yourself a Gold or a Silver person has always seemed the norm not only for hardware and interiors but fashion and jewelery too. Sticking to one metallic preference can be a really tough decision, especially if you find a beautiful new piece which just doesn’t quite fit with your existing metallic colour scheme. However why should we have to pick between Gold or Silver when there are so many beautiful metallic touches which can bring a variety of moods not only to your home appliances but also provide great inspiration for interior styling, textiles, and ceramics. From Brass, Nickel and Steel to Rose Gold, Copper and Bronze, sticking to just one can seem impossible. The trick is to be able to match the tones just right and create a perfect mixture. 

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Smart Storage

With so many of us choosing to use our collections of books as decoration inside our homes, from recipe books and fashion publications to literature and fiction, we tend to display our tomes with pride and a sense of accomplishment. However, a bookshelf no longer needs to be ordinary and modest when it can be used to create a stunning feature with personality as well as being a useful home for our favorite pages. Creative storage can become just as interesting as the objects which are being showcased.


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