Illuminating 2021 and making it ultimately stylish.


Here at Camerich, we are all about keeping our designs modern and fresh.

A huge part of any design decision is colour. Colour helps lift the mood and sets the tone of any space and can also be an indication of the times. When we look back at photographs of interiors, we can often tell the design era just from the colour combinations used.

But small colour trends can even change with the season. Pantone Colour Institute selects the Pantone Colour of the Year, it forecasts global colour trends and highlights the top seasonal runway colours.Last year, it was all about the colour blue and this year we have been spoilt with not just one colour but two.

The whole concept behind this colour combination is boosting your mood and making your space a happy sanctuary. 


Ultimate Grey and Illuminating yellow are the two shades that Pantone has named 2021, Colour of the year. 

The Grey is a timeless shade and was chosen to represent ‘steadiness’ and the Yellow is a ‘Promise of sunshine’. The two colours were picked together to give us a message of strength and to uplift our moods. Now that the days are getting lighter and warmer and spring is just around the corner it felt perfect timing to introduce this bright uplifting colour.

So how can we emulate this look in our interior space?

The Great thing about this colour combination is when applying it within a space the grey is timeless and can create neutral base to build on. Grey has been a fashionable choice for many years now, due to it being the most versatile neutral. Grey sits right in the middle of black and white/ light and dark. Once you have the Grey as your base; this being on the walls, the flooring or the fabric on your sofa. The Yellow then can be added in as much magnitude as desired; Accent chairs, cushions and other accessories.

If you want to add this pop of colour, but yellow isn’t to your taste. This concept could be applied to any bright and vibrant colour. As well as having bold Yellow fabrics and leathers we also have wide selection of other beautifully bright colours. 






Written by Katrina Dalley.