Creating a Colour Palette for your Home


Successfully choosing a colour pallet can be one of the harder things to do when you are renovating or making changes within your space. However, this can be simplified by asking yourself a few questions to begin with.

When you are choosing a colour scheme, you must consider how you want to feel in each space.
Do you want to feel energised when you walk into the space or would you rather have a moody set up to relax for the evening? Colours affect everyone differently, which means It is best to list the requirements of the space in terms of your emotions as well as which colours make you feel that way.
As we have a wide range of fabrics, leathers, and finishes at Camerich to choose from, you have plenty of choice!

You must also consider the colours of any ‘fixed elements’ in your space which you will be keeping. This can be the flooring, colours of the walls, or any furniture which you wish to use. Once you decide this, take a moment to analyse the undertones of these items. This will help you in deciding if you are choosing a warmer of colder colour scheme to bring balance throughout the interior.





Finally, after considering all these factors, you are ready to start creating your colour palette! You can create interest by adding in textured fabrics or a different material such as leather / micro-fibre leather.

We have paired the Clouds sofa range with the versatile Puck footstool and the Vast lounge chair. In addition, we have the Joy side table and Element coffee table in Carrara marble. The white marble certainly adds to a brighter feel in the space.


We hope this information is helpful, but for any further advice please feel free to speak to our Design Consultants who will be more than happy to assist you with your colour scheme.


Written by Malishka Sharma

 It can be tricky to identify these undertones in neutral colours. For help with this, please feel free to refer to the below image. 

To further get an understanding of combining the undertones, we provided an example of a balanced blue colour palette. This palette is reflective of furniture items which we currently have on display in our Fulham and Chelsea showroom.

We have used Ash (Grace-04) as our neutral Grey base which is a Teflon treated fabric. After we decided on our starting point, we picked from our soft range of velvets and paired this with Ink (Luxe-04), the dark blue velvet. We brought in a lovely textured fabric Jubilee (COCO-01) to add a bit of interest along with Azure Leather (RS-23) and a Grey Oak wood finish. The overall palette works well due to the undertones of Ash being colder, combining well with the blue toned fabrics.