70's Glamour


Over the last few years the 70’s style has been a big influence in both fashion and interiors, and it has been no different during 2020. Now we are transitioning from Summer to Autumn we thought it would be a perfect time to introduce this style. 

 But how do you create a 70’s style within a modern home? This blog will guide you through the different way’s that you can incorporate this fun but elegant look within your home. 


Because of the popularity of wood in homes, dark colour palettes also became more widely used as the 1970’s progressed. In the mid-to-late 1970s, Pine wood replaced teak wood, and colour palettes became even darker.

Here at Camerich, the majority of our finishes are dark in tone, if you want to recreate this look then our Brown Walnut finish will match perfectly.  

The Stilts side board and Flamingo Coffee table would suit particularly well with their thin elegant legs and dark wood finishes. 




Written by Katrina Dalley 







Shapes and lines

The shapes of 70’s furniture was very similar to the Nordic style. Furniture with high thin legs was particularly popular for sofas and tables, creating a very slim and elegant look. However, the 70’s style is playful and adaptive when it comes to combining both curved shapes and geometric lines together within a space. Doing this creates character within a space.


The Embrace lounge chair or Embrace love seat would be a great range to add to the room. The embrace has soft curves and also the flexibility to be upholstered in any fabric or leather, meaning it can be upholstered in a jewel coloured fabric to add a pop pf colour to your space.  

The Arc lounge chair would also be a great choice and and it gives youthe excuse to put your feet up, kick back and admire your 70's inspired interior!! 

The Colour Pallet 

The 70’s style focusses on bold and warm hues but using these colours sparingly against more neutral tones, to give a room a pop of colour without making the space feel overwhelming.   

This flexible style gives loads of options colour wise, so allows you to use the colours that suit you. Orange hues work well against cream walls creating a subtle pop of colour. However, to create a bolder look using the Jewell colour pallet creates a statement space and clear contrast.  These jewl colours are rich greens, Yellow and blues.


How to create the 70’s look using Camerich Furniture

Camerich’s style is modern, however we have furniture that can be used created a modern fresh twist on the 70’s style.

The Joy side table with it's layers and emerald green marble finish is a perfect accessory within a 70’s inspired space.