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Five Star Dining

At Camerich we understand the importance that each space can hold; Whether you want to use a space to relax or entertain, each piece of furniture should be tailored to accommodate both the ambience and purpose of the space. 

The Perfect Shape

Each design has a different style base, which completely transforms the effect the table has.

Pedestal dining tables are generally composed of a wide tabletop sitting on a single solid leg in the middle.  Despite their more streamlined design, pedestal tables have plenty of surface space. They are a perfect combination of symmetrical, and stylish. If you like this style, then our Hanna table,  Unity round table or Zing Rectangular table could be a perfect solution for you. 

 We also have a range of other rectangular tables that have intricately designed legs. These designs are simple but elegant and give the tables a timeless appeal.

Dining tables are a key piece within space, they serve both practically and aesthetically. Here at Camerich, we offer a range of dining tables of multiple sizes, shapes, styles and materials, here is a guide of some of the ranges we offer, to help you select the perfect piece to meet your needs. 


The shape of such a big statement piece is extremely important, it often determines the language of a room and can affect how the space flows.

Circular tables can be a statement within a room while keeping the space feeling soft, with no harsh lines. Meanwhile, rectangular tables can create a bold statement in the centre of space with their clean streamlined designs, while also tucking neatly into a corner of a room if preferred.  

A Parson style table is where the four legs of the table sit flush with the edges of the top. The pared-down simple design makes the dining table incredibly versatile and timeless. With the legs of the table sitting at the edge of the table this also allows for more seating space around the table. The Joint rectangular dining table, which is shown below is a perfect example of this design.  

The Right Sizing

All About The Finish 

Our ranges all come in a range of finish and colour options, which are carefully selected for each range to perfectly compliment the design of the table. We offer Wood Veneer, Ceramic, and Marble topped tables.

Written By Katrina Dalley 






Here at Camerich we understand that one size does not fit all, which is why we offer a range of sizes. For circular dining tables, they range from 100 cm in diameter for our Vary dining table- to our 150 cm diameter Unity pedestal table. 

Our rectangular tables start from 160 cm and run all the way up to 280 cm for our brand new the range of Pi Dining table.

We have a range of tables with a selection of finishes on display in our four London showrooms, so we highly recommend you visit us to experience the feel and finish of each table in person so you can select the right dining table for you.