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The era of multi functional spaces



There are many reasons why one room doesn’t just function for a singular purpose anymore; This can be due to lifestyle, family set-up  or  living in a size constrained space. Over the past few years, the idea of a room just serving one purpose is becoming less common within designs and generally outdated as a concept.  In the design era of open-plan homes, Kitchens with center islands transform into both dining rooms and workstations and Living rooms or spare rooms can often be Gyms, offices and guest rooms all wrapped into one. 

So how do you create a space that will allow you to live life the way that suits you whilst also making the space feel tranquil and homely?  Here at Camerich we have many beautiful products that can be used within your home, which can be used functionally, whilst also offering the style and elegance factor.


Dining tables are such a staple within any space, they offer a place to sit, eat and socialize but they can also offer a space to focus and work- whether that is  general 9-5 work or an evening/weekend creative hobby. 


Here at Camerich we have a range of statement rectangular tables of multiple sizes and shapes that will welcome any kind of spread being laid on top. The classic elegant silhouette of the tables will fit in within many home styles and designs- with multiple finish options. 

Tucked away at the desk

The Betty desk is also a good choice as this our smallest desk- so will be perfect for smaller spaces, whilst also having two large drawers underneath.

One space that so many people ideally want to keep private and as a place purely for relaxation is the bedroom. This is a space that should help you regenerate in the Morning and switch off and wind down in the Evening. 



Spread out at the table


Sometimes, it is key to have a separation between a space for working and a space for socializing and this is why desk space can be important for so many people that do the majority of their work from home. Our Vessel desk is particularly popular, as it comes in multiple sizes, has drawers for storage and Cable management that hides away any unsightly leads. 


Storing it away 

Clutter should be kept at the minimum within this space and that is where our Eden Bed is perfect. This beautiful  bed can be upholstered in any of our fabrics and leathers, so can be tailored to your finish and colour preference. However, it is also an ottoman bed, meaning there is plenty of storage within, giving you extra space to store your items and keep them away from sight. 


Welcoming in guests 

2022 is the year we can welcome friends and family to our homes and be social again but this also means finding a space where they can sleep. Our Crescent sofa is one our most popular sofa ranges, it is a modern take on a classic sofa design that comes in many different size and design options. However, the added benefit of the Crescent range is that it can also be transformed into a sofa bed.

The sofa bed mechanism is installed within the sofa and can be easily pulled out whenever it is needed, while bearing no physical or comfort effect on the sofa- meaning it is perfect for everyday living as well. 

Written by Katrina Dalley.