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Arizona Desert Home


An easy way to achieve the look is to utilise warm, earthy tones such as terracotta – whether it be on the walls or on the furniture, it adds to the feel.

 Our boxy, clean lined Rubix sofa with Tangerine bolsters and cushions in a cream ‘Orchid’ fabric, along with our Dice in cow hide. The cactus, and earthy Mystique marble finish the look off in this setting.

Written by Milda Narmontaite





Whilst here in the UK we may not be surrounded by the desert littered with beautiful cacti and rich terracotta earth, these elements can be transposed into our homes nonetheless. This ‘Tucson Mountain Retreat’ by DUST is a modern home, skilfully adapted to the extreme terrain of the Arizona desert. 

Rugs with light Aztec prints, or heavy weaves are also great additions in completing the look. Our Light Oak finish furniture can also help add to the look, as this finish can remind one of sand – which is copious in the desert. Accessorise with ceramic vases and pots, glazed in bright colours or bold patterns to add a homely touch to the room.