Bedroom Styling




The Bedroom is arguably one of the most important rooms in the house, as this is your own personal retreat in which to recuperate and get some all-important rest. We spend around a third of our lives asleep, so your bedroom should be a place you just can’t wait to escape to after a long day - hence careful attention should be paid to the styling and layout of the space, to ensure it perfectly meets your needs.

Using a textured fabric, like this Era bed in 'Gravel', can be a great way to soften an upholstered bed frame, and gives the room a lovely touch of detail. This is set off prefectly by the dark piping. which ties in with the dark floor and storage units.



Of course, every bedroom needs stoarge, look no further than our Max range which comes in a great variety of size options ensuring any space can utilize amazing storage. The three and four drawer units look stunning when paired together to give a contrast in height.

For anyone looking for a small workstation, our Bend desk  comes in some really handy size options, just perfect for a bedroom.

The Lesso towel rail doesn't just have to be used in the bathroom, this can be a stunning piece of storage for your favourite bed throw or quilt, to save you kicking it off onto the floor in these fabulously warm summer nights!


Our bell mirror (on the right) is a must have for any stylish home, and where better to position this than in your dressing area to help make your mornings special.


The 'Harmon' side table is smart and modern, with a slim drawer for your essentials, and handy wheels on the bottom, this is a great piece to give your bedroom a bit of personality.




A lounge chair is a great idea in the bedroom, so that you can curl up with a book in the evenings. The Eddy lounge chair has a wide chrome base and a 360 degree swivel, what could be more calming than taking a recline in the quiet of your bedroom after a long day. 

The Crescent Bed features a fabulous headboard, this is ideal for anyone lookign to read in bed in the utmost comfort.


Written By Imogen Abbot