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Call It Spring


Our days are now slowly getting longer, and Spring is in the air. This is definitely a favourite time of year; the flowers are coming out, the cold weather is drawing to an end, and Easter celebrations are on the horizon.  

As well as decluttering, spring cleaning is a great opportunity to have a bit of a move around. Try rearranging your lounge chairs and side tables to help refresh your space, you may end up with more space and a new interesting layout to your room.

Shown below a selection of our most exciting seasonal fabrics: Botanic, Eden, Blossom, Cranberry, Aqua, Jaffa and Zest. 


Spring is also the time for renewal, a thorough spring clean can be a great opportunity to cleanse  your space and get your year off to a fresh start. 

They key to unlocking a springtime freshness is to use lively colours promoting joy and vibrance. When picking out a new accent coour, stick to just one and set it off against soft neurtrals to evoke ease and relaxation.

We love foliage at Camerich and are strong advocates for bringing pot plants and blooms in to liven up any space. Hugely relevant at this time of year, plants will add splashes of both colour and life into the room.


If you're looking to freshen up your interior decor, a small injection of some new colours could be just the trick to liven up your room and introduce some vibrance.
This doesn't have to be a whole new sofa, a statement lounge chair and some decorative throw cushions will give your space a new lease of life. On the left our Arc loung chair and Puck footstool look stunning in 'Blossom'fabric.

If you're feeling in need of a bigger change, replacement covers for your Camerich sofa are a sure-fire way to refresh your home. Our Crescent sofa (below) looks stunning in our 'Meadow' fabric; green is the coour for nature and freshness, but also renewal and growth.

Written By Imogen Abbot