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NEW Camerich Furniture Care Guide

Camerich have now released a new Furniture Care Guide to help you keep your furniture beautiful, comfortable and stylish, with some excellent tips on how to keep it well maintained and protected.

So, now that you can trust our fabrics are to a high standard, how do you maintain this? A few things we recommend is to regularly remove dust from the fabric, avoid placing in areas with high humidity and regularly plump your sofa cushions.

Did you know that Camerich Fabrics undergo extensive testing and quality control procedures to ensure only the best and most durable fabrics make the cut? Our fabrics are woven and designed to withstand 30,000 rubs or more using the Martindale Abrasion Test. This means all our fabrics are perfect for the quietest or the busiest of homes. 

Now as you may know we also produce products which have wood and veneer finishes to them. Wood and veneer products can be affected by light; therefore, we recommend for the first 6-8 weeks after you have received your item you do not position anything on the surface for a long period of time while your item adapts to your home. We recommend cleaning these products with products that do not contain harsh chemicals.

One more fact regarding our fabrics- for the majority of our sofa ranges the fabric can be removed from the frames and dry-cleaned to keep them fresh!

As I have just mentioned plumping, lets dive into the details. The majority of our Camerich Sofa cushions contain a combination of high density polyurethane foam and are feather topped or wrapped. To keep that sofa looking beautifully fresh and beautiful, we do advise that you regularly pick up the cushions and vigorously plump them to keep the feathers aerated through the cushions. 

And finally, our marble finishes. Our marble is well protected by a lacquer finish, so you are able to quickly wipe anything of the surface without staining or damaging the marble. If you wish to know more tips and tricks on how to maintain your Camerich Furniture, just pop into one of our showrooms and pick up a guide! We look forward to seeing you.



Written By Hannah Pexton