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Camerich Influence - Ex Machina

‘There is nothing more human then the will to survive’.

The Camerich presence was certainly there in the making of the smash hit film ‘Ex Machina. The film sets included many Camerich products and we’re here to let you know which products to use to create the same look.

The Camerich Edge Chair for example was used in the kitchen scene (right) with the addition of a cushion to add more comfort and support. These simple line sleek chairs work well with their chrome legs and low back. This works especially well in these scene as they blend with the other furnishings and don’t draw too much attention away from the beautiful outdoors whilst also still ‘holding their own’ in the space.

Another eye-catching product of ours that was used in the opening scene above was the Alison sofa (with our dark steel PLUS leg option). The light fabric worked well within this particular scene as it made the room feel ‘light and airy’ contrasting well with the floor length windows and harsh protruding stone walls.

Another striking product in this scene is the round element coffee table. This has an obvious presence and looks beautiful paired with the Alison. The polished smooth marble contrasts well with the natural textured stone in the background.

Tucked away at the side of the Alison and behind the Element Round Table is the Large and Small Teri Tables. These are a subtle feature, but work very well within the scene. They add extra body to the space and he dark lines incorporate well with the lighting.

Another key feature in this scene was the Alison Bench (upholstered in green leather). This fills out the space as an interesting element with a casual throw over the end. This also has the Alison PLUS legs attached.

All of these products and more are on display in all of our 6 showrooms. Come in and have a browse and we can help with any design or product questions you my have.


In the main characters bedroom, we can see the use of both out Venus Lounge Chair and Ming Dining Chair with Armrests.

The Venus Lounge Chair is used to fill an empty space. The shape and flow of the armrests work well contributing to the natural organic shapes of the greenery that we can see out of the window. 

The Ming Dining Chair with arms can be seen in the same scene above tucked under a desk. The organic lines of this chair also make this a suitable element to this scene to match with the urban feel and presence.