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Can Stylish Sofas Still be Comfortable?

In a world where comfort and style seem to be two opposite concepts, you could easily find yourself in “Mission impossible” when looking for the right furniture. It’s inevitable that you will ask yourself - can a stylish sofa still be comfortable? We - at Camerich, are here to help you “dodge the bullets” like a real-life Ethan and get yourself the best of both worlds.

“Comfort or style?” – that is no longer the question as Camerich offers you a dozen of both cosy and elegant sofas. Here’s the secret – high-density foam and feathers. Let the pieces speak for themselves. 

Comfort Plus style equals Lazy Time plus. Remember that dreamy concept that we mentioned earlier? You can have it in no time, with one of our most popular ranges available in different shapes and size. You’re welcome!

Let’s face the facts, it’s hard to find a sofa that’s both eye-catching and well... derriere-catching, too. Just like the example on the left. Elegance is usually seen as a simple, structured piece, which comes as the link between all other details in the room.

If you’ve ever been to any of our showrooms, you were inevitably attracted to our Crescent sofa on display.  The simple and elegant look still gives away the fact that this sofa is as comfortable as you think it is. Bonus – we can even add a sofa-bed mechanism inside this beauty, just in case you decide to go “all or nothing”.

However, comfort hardly ever fits within those frames. Cosy sofas usually mean a relatively big piece, which feels like the heaven came down to earth and took the clouds along with it. Just like the orange sofa above. Feathers, feathers, feathers… lots of these. But then, in the light of day, you realise that this angelic sofa looks like a pair of flip-flops in a room of a high-heels. So now what?

Sometimes the bigger the space, the harderit is finding a nice sofa to fill it in. Seems like the big sofas are always too bulky and hardly ever look that nice. Well, problem solved! Our Casa modular sofa allows you to arrange it as large as you want to, without compromising the neat and stylish look of your space. Did I mention that it absolutely and heavenly comfortable? 

Turns out that finding both stylish and comfortable sofa is not that hard after all. If you still have any doubts about it, we at Camerich are more than happy to help you out and get you the best piece for your needs.






Written By Simona Slaveykova