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Choosing the Right Artwork

You don't have to be an expert in fine art to appreciate a nice piece, matched perfectly with the right setting. Artwork is always relevant, adding interest to a room and often creating a nice talking point.

When choosing artwork to suit your existing furnishings, the main things to consider are size, and colour. In order to suit a particular space the artwork will need to be appropriately sized, too large  and it will overwhelm the space, too small and it may become lost.

Our Elan sofa with clean, methodical lines is given a stunning contrast with the moody, monochrome piece shown below.

If you want the artwork to become a talking point, it should have some ambiguity, and require viewers to contemplate what message the artist was trying to portray.

Artwork is not merely a pretty wall decoration, more often than not there should be story behind the piece, promting an emotional response. It is important to have a personal connection with your chosen piece or Artist, this ensure that your space will keep authenticity, and that the decor truly reflects you as a person.

Your chosen artwork should also pick up on the theme and overall styling of the room. Is the desired outcome meant to be soothing, bold, abstract or moody? Different styles will evoke a different response, and can really bring your room to life.

If you have chosen a fabulous piece, but it just doesn't work where you had originally intended to hang it, you could find that it works brilliantly in another spot. Don't forget about the dining room, this can be a great place to hang something really special.


Our Stilts sidboard with red lacquer is bold and playful, and works perfectly paired with a quirky print.

You should also think about whether the art is going to be a main focal point of the room, or an accent to work with other features. 

If you already have bold colours going on elsewhere in the room, prints in a more muted tone can be a fabulous addition to your styling, without overpowering the room.

Of course the main thing to remember is that to hang artwork inside your home means you will be looking at it every day, and you should really love it.

At Camerich we love prints from the Trowbridge gallery, helpfully located right next to our Chelsea & Fulham showroom. This elegant Stag Triptych is one of our favourites.


Written By Imogen Abbot