Choosing The Right Sofa



With so many fabulous sofa ranges to consider it can be a daunting task to find the style that best fits all of your needs. At Camerich our friendly team are here to help match-make you with the perfect fit, and find the style that's perfect for you!

When making your decision here are a few ideas to consider, and some of our most favourite sofa styles:



Traditional and smart, the Crescent sofa has classic lines and a smart elegance. With the added bonus of a concealed sofa-bed mechanism and mattress this is the perfect choice for anyone in need of a sofa which is both style and substance.



Our fabulous Clouds modular sofa is poised on small legs giving the impression that it is hovering just off the ground. The back cushions are supported with bolsters which give extra comfort as well as being a lovely design detail. 



The amor range is by far the most contemporary, if you need something sharp and clean then this is for you. This style is perfect for anyone looking to conserve space as it comes in some really useful compact sizes, perfect for small modern flats. 



Giving both comfort and style the Lazy Time sofa is a definite favourite; sumptuously deep and cosy this range is the ideal candidate for snuggling up by the tv. There's even an optional handy side table for you perch your cup of tea on.

For those who prefer a more upright seat, there is also the option for the narrower Lazy Time Plus, a complete win-win.




Of all the sofa styles the Freetown has amazing versatility. If you need something small and compact or something huge, this range can do it all. With two depths available and fabulous additional storage options this range offers masses of variation. It is also the most modular and great for any tricky access issues!

Our dedicated staff are here to help, why not get in touch and let us find you your perfect fit!



Written By Imogen Abbot,w_643,h_390,wo_643,ho_390,_small.jpg