Christmas Dinner Tables





Firsttly decide on the look you want to go for. You may go for a more minimal look, or something brightly coloured and playful. Take into account the whole room and what would look best considering your current colours and features. Place arrangements to match your existing pieces, you can even just add a few fairy lights and festive candles.

For this festive season, Christmas dinner wouldn’t be the same without a striking centre piece. But keep in mind that whichever design you choose, you need to leave enough space for the food plates! It also shouldn’t be too large which can cause obstruction, if you are tight for space you can always have little displays spaced evenly down the table to ensure you have left enough room for the dishes.

For many people, Christmas dinner is the highlight of the season, it is planned down to the last small details and not only is a feast for your taste, but all of your senses. The setting of the table automatically sets the tone of what is expected in the meal to come. You don’t even have to spend a lot, by using a few key pieces you can pull your theme together.

The centre of the table and place setting should be the main focus. Use matching placements, napkins and crockery. After setting each place around the table it’s time to accessorize. Start with some textile pieces, go for a full cloth to protect your table, alternatively, if you have a beautiful Marble or Mahogany table you might not want to cover it up! Go for a slim table runner instead.

Attractive tableware is definitely the key to adding style and luxury to your Christmas dinner. By using sparkling, unscratched china and glasses you will definitely be impressing your family and in-laws! If you’re going to be mixing family and friends together, try using decorative place cards giving the chance for everyone to meet someone new.

Whichever you choose, a perfectly crafted theme sets the atmosphere for the occasion. Make sure you plan ahead to avoid any disappointment and also do a few practice runs setting your table so you are fully prepared for the occasion!