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Clashing Colours


Year after year we keep seeing the 1980s sneak back into our every day lives whether it is expressed through the way we dress, or through our interior design. 2018 is no exception as we expect contrasting, bold colours to be racing back into our homes once again.

However, if you are not quite ready to go so bold, why not try decorating and experimenting with soft furnishings such as cushions, rugs or even an upholstered chair? 

We have a broad range of fabrics and leathers to experiment and mix & match with. Pop into one of our Showrooms to have a look, or even request a couple of samples through our website and we can have these sent out to you straight away. 

Our Ease Lounge Chair would suit any 80’s themed room complimenting it with its simple, cubic frame.


Colour can be expressed in many ways when it comes to interior design. Above, the room almost takes inspiration from & reflects Mondrian’s ‘Composition C’ by the way it is painted. Having 1 main colour in the room works well as a focal point. Its almost as if your eyes are drawn towards this along the multiple colours winding through the room.

If you are a colourful person but bold colours just aren’t enough, we have a couple of patterned fabrics in that will catch your interest. Take our Crest Fabric for example shown below, simply a black and white weave which will fit in perfectly with any colour scheme you go for.