Consider Using Com


If you have a specific colour pallet in mind, or would like a pattern that truly reflects your personality or style then the use of custom material greatly opens up the horizons to give you endless options.

If you're using something with a pattern such as stripes then consider the placement and scale of the design, this in itself can create numerous different options for one particular style. 

We’ve put together some examples to give you an idea on how to create an interesting look:

A fantastic option to consider when finalising the colour scheme for your room is the use of your own custom material. This is the ideal way to inject some of your own identity into the space.

You will also end up with a combination that no one else has, giving you an easy way to create your very own bespoke furniture without the hefty price tag of having it custom designed from scratch. That’s right, using your own material costs just the same as selecting one from our own collection! The choice of fabric is completely up to you, meaning you have complete free reign on the design and can make it as creative as you like.

If you don't feel confident in outsourcing material and would prefer to select form our range of supplied fabrics, rest assured that you can still create your own identity within the design. Create a bold and playful statement by layering together patterns and textures with some bright pops of colour.



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