Considering Key Features




Key elements within a room can really bring the space alive. This can be done in many different ways. For example, below we have a neutral room including our Casa sofa (click here) . The fabric on the sofa, walls and curtains are all very natural, forgiving finishes. The pops of colour from the cushions, centre bowl and candle stick all bring a bit of vibrance and life to the space. It’s never wrong to be daring, find a colour you love, stick to it and bring it into small elements around the room to tie it all together. When bringing colours into a room, don’t go over board with the range of your palette, find one key colour and use this to decorate your neutral canvas. 

Another way to bring the room alive is with a statement rug. This almost tribal print rug paired with the neutral Crescent sofa (click here) and leather armchairs is a great way to change up the look of a room. Rugs are a great to use as they can be easily picked up and moved depending on the mood and feel of the room that you are trying to achieve at a certain time of the year. Prints and colour are great to encourage during the summer and spring months of the year where as more neutral rugs are a must in the autumn and winter months to make way for fancy decorations and celebration.

Wall art is another great way to tie a room together. Our Freetown sofa (click here) is staged below with an assortment of different blue and patterned scatter cushions. The wall art behind links in well with these chosen cushions and the rope hooks attached to the pictures brings a nice touch to the room and also links in well with the large black framed windows. Blue is seen as a very nautical colour and most people make the mistake of just using this colour in bathrooms but as you can see below this is so not the case! Blue is a great compromise if you’re not wanting to be too daring but still want a dash of colour to bring out the room. This works especially well if there is a lot of natural light in the room. 

Wall finishes can be a great key element in a room if it is done right. Below is an example of woven wooden panelling going up the wall and over the bed. Although striking, this works really well in the room and makes a great statement against the neutral backdrop. The painted exposed bricks pair well with this and bring down the tone a little. Accompanied by the hanging ceiling lights this created a really warm feel in the room and it goes without saying that the Arc Low back lounger (click here) is a must in this space! All of these tones paired together along with the soft furnishings and prominent browns and oranges couldn’t look better. This is another example of finding the right tone and sticking with it throughout your scheme. No other colour is needed in this scene as it has all the striking elements that it needs. 


Lighting can also be a real show stopper in a space. If you’re adding to your space and feel like there’s still something missing have you considered the lighting? Your choice of light can really make or break a room. Depending on how high your ceiling is, hanging lights are almost always the biggest winner. If you’re not daring enough to have a splash of colour, this is the next best thing to bring your room alive. Below is a very neutral setting, the hanging ceiling lights really give this room character. Try imagining how this would look if this room has only ceiling spot lights. It would be boring, drab and have nothing interesting about it and nothing bringing the room together. 

Prints. These can be tricky, but if you get a print right, you’ll not look back! Finding the right print depends on how old the property is and what works. For example, if you’re in a new build flat in central London with a modern kitchen and bathroom, the best prints are the ones that have simple designs and neutral colours. Whereas if you’re living in a period property or barn house build out in the country, the use of rich red and blues combined with floral prints bode well for that environment. Below is the perfect example of this working well with our Lazy Time Sofa (click here) Older buildings tend to have higher ceilings and therefore can take a strong pattern, whereas when the room is smaller with a low ceiling a vibrant pattern can tend to overtake the space.

The key element in the space below is clearly the flooring choice. The pattern is interesting yet in a very neutral colour and in keeping with the room.  As it is such a wide-open space the flooring pattern can be repeated a few times which is just what this style of flooring needs. The break in the flooring behind the sofa is also a great key detail as is almost breaks up the room subtly and you can clearly see the distinction between the dining room and the sitting area.