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Today, console tables are mostly simplified, with the purpose of serving as a more functional appliance with the majority made of wood. They are a great feature if you would like to optimize the utilization of your space.

Console tables can either serve as decorative pieces or functional furniture holding things such as: plants, pictures, paintings, electronic devices and ornaments. 

At Camerich we offer a variety of console tables. You will be able to find them under Furniture>Desks. The latest range we have introduced is the ‘Vary’ range, with tables available in Carrara Marble and Brown Walnut. Our longest console table lies within this range with dimensions: 180X45X58cm. This makes a great use for almost a countertop, making it a great hosting table. Should you host any parties, it is a perfect place for a minibar. 


Written By Margaret Wajnkain

Traditionally, a type of side table placed or attached to the wall. The ‘Console table’ had first gained popularity in 17th century Italy. These were mostly carved from one side, making them pieces of sculpture as well as furniture, often marble topped. A console table was very much a display piece/ fashion statement, making an appearance in aristocratic homes; with France continuing the trend and slightly altering the design with inward curved legs. This made the design a lot more eccentric and classifying as the baroque style.

Utilization Ideas

Even though obvious, it is a crucial part as a focal point, which will likely serve as the first impression of your home. Choose carefully what you place on it, this is a great opportunity to express your style of decor to your guests. This is also a great place to keep your keys!

Behind a sofa 
At most of our showrooms in London, you will see a console table placed directly behind a sofa, if you are lucky enough to have some extra space this makes a great surface for lights, ornaments, magazines, a few books or even drinks! With most console tables measuring under 50cm in width, this could also be an alternative to a coffee table.

TV stand
If you are limited to space and do not mind a few cables on show, a console table is also big enough to place a TV, for a minimalist look.  

This is a great example of how today, we need furniture that is fit for purpose rather than decorative pieces. You can turn it into a bedroom vanity by hanging a mirror above it. This is great for compact bedrooms, without the compromise. 50cm is enough space to even be able to turn it into a little desk.