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Creating a Calm

 There is an increasing understanding that our home environments have an impact on our mental well-being, and therefore the need to feel a certain serenity through our interior choices. In 2021 a home is much more than a place to live, and by choosing the correct balance of colours, textures and accessories we can ensure that we create living spaces that are a sanctuary in our 'lockdown life'.

Consider the Colour

We’re seeing trends in tone-on-tone interiors to build a cohesive colour library for your home. When working with Camerich fabrics, consider pairing Biscuit and Frost. 

Biscuit - a neutral toned fabric is a combination of Linen, Polyester and Viscose, that has a delicate weave combining a variety of fibres. Similarly, Frost is a combination of Linen, Polyester, Acrylic and Viscose, with a large weave, but matching hue.

Therefore, by working with similar hues, but mixing textures you can instantly incorporate layers into your space. 

Bringing in a similar colour fabric, such as Parchment, with a slightly more subtle texture will delicately break up the palette yet find interest in the simple colourway.

Additionally, by using a lighter colour scheme can create the illusion of a brighter, more spacious room, which is ever more important as our homes are being used more than ever before. 

Consider the Texture. 

Bringing in textural elements, can allow a tactile living space, that comforts and acts as a solace. For example, if you prefer a sofa that is less textured, consider bringing in scatter cushions to the overall look to add textural elements in smaller details.

It is all about creating a comfortable, safe and inviting space to 'live' in once the workday has finished, and your office space becomes your evening lounge area. For example, the Elan sofa in a soft subtle hue, sits comfortably alongside statement abstract yet tonal art, with the addition of ‘bringing the outside in’ through incorporating plants into the home, and creating a calm through nature. By playfully exploring different textures in your living space, you can create a cohesive look, whilst exploring textural elements.

Consider the Styling

Our Carrara marble topped Pebble side table is the perfect way to incorporate further materials, and create a minimalistic yet aesthetic finish to a living room. Marble is ticking one of the big trends of 2021, whilst considering the longevity of the material. As conscious consumerism is also on the rise, make sure the styling of the space is as sustainable, as it is stylish.

The Pebble side table builds on the tone-on-tone colour palette and ensures that a living room can provide a tranquil oasis when all elements are considered. 



So, make sure your living space is ready for relaxing, as well as being a considered and calm environment. Ensure, you are not only making note of the trends of this year, but also making your home living space the place you choose to escape with composed textures, colours and materials!

Written by Francesca Smyth.