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Dark Interiors


More and more people are moving away from the traditional ‘safe’ options of neutrals and greys in their home which has been an industry and consumer favorite for years. People are now moving towards dark, contrasting and deep interior décor. 


A popular choice of fabric when opting for deep, rich and moody colours on the walls is deep velvets. Velvet gives the room that richer feel with a bit of texture softening the edges. At Camerich we have a couple of velvets which would look perfect when trying to create that sultry-chic living space.

Bold earthy tones give the room a lot more depth than white can. Although white is bright, it can be quite flat. Therefore if you have white walls and are a bit nervous about experimenting with new shades, why not try a darker shade on one wall to start with? This addition of colour can give the illusion the room is grander, but at the same time cosier. 

If you are struggling with choosing fabrics to go with your colour theme why not come in to one of our showrooms and ask one of our design consultants for advice? We have 96 fabrics to choose from!



































Written By Hannah Pexton