Dark Woods


The photo shown below where the wood runs along the walls and up the ceiling makes this feature and centre of attention in the room. Along with matching dark brown wood furniture pieces such as the wooden chair frames and coffee table, adds a nice finishing touch to the space.

Dark wood finishes don’t have to be outdated or old fashioned. Depending on their style and what furniture item it is, they can look sleek and contemporary.

Black and dark grey woods can give any piece of furniture a modern finish. For instance, the wooden console table shown below with herringbone pattern and detailing makes the table look unique and stylish.

Alternatively, you can make a bold statement in the room by having wooden walls or shelving that become a main feature in the room.

Rich dark brown wood finishes can give a timeless and classic look to any space and adds more character to the room, giving a more nostalgic feel. You can have a dark wood furniture items such as tables, sideboards to add an accent item to the room.

Written By Nicola Cheung