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Don't Move Improve


Home renovation has always been something we are interested in. There’s something incredibly satisfying about witnessing the before and after of an improvement project. 

‘Don’t move, Improve’, an annual competition held by New London Architecture is all about finding potential in the cities existing period architecture. With the rise of housing prices, and continuing economic uncertainty, residents are opting to invest in their current homes, instead of selling. 

Some of London's most iconic architecture lies in the buildings of the Georgian and Victorian era. These are the foundation of the city, and the root of all of it’s charm. Although beautiful from their facades, the interiors of some of these buildings have deteriorated over time, and are in need of serious refurbishment. 


In our books, a successful interior renovation will always respect the key architectural features of the space. The charm of an old building combined with modern day architectural solutions makes for an inviting space that tells a story. 


A newly renovated interior allows for a fresh start, a blank canvas, a chance to add a personal touch to your home. When dealing with period architecture, opting for modern furnishings adds contrast and interest to the space.


Add statement pieces in bold finishes to make your home unique. At Camerich, you have the ability to customize your furniture to your liking, like this Flora Lounge chair upholstered in our vibrant Pumpkin fabric.

 The intricate fireplace in this setting contrasts beautifully with our contemporary Simon lounge chairs. 

Our Arc Lounge Chair nested in this traditional bay window creates the ultimate relaxation spot.