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Fabric Or Leather?


Here at Camerich you can choose between over 100 different fabric and leather options providing you with so much choice!

Now for making the decision which one. Fabric and leather both have their advantages and disadvantages - there is no right or wrong answer, it just depends on what suits your lifestyle.

Fabric is the most popular choice when upholstering sofas. It is a more comfortable material to lounge in front of the tv or sitting around with friends and family - whereas leather in the changing of seasons it can either be too cold or too hot to sit on. We have a range of different coloured leathers however fabric has a wider variety of different shades and patterns choose from.

Some customers to tend to buy leather cushions to place on their fabric sofa to create a nice contrast between materials and textures.

Leather is good choice for pet owners or families with little ones running around. It’s a durable material and easier to clean, great for those messy kids and prevents pet hair from being imbedded into the material.

Leather after years or even decades, if well maintained, holds colour well compared to fabric as over time it starts to wear down. We do offer replaceable covers if in time you think your fabric sofa is looking a little worn or perhaps you just want a completely new look. There easy to change and can fitted by yourself.


Leather is great to upholster your dining chairs with as this is the area where most food and drink is spilled, so having a wipeable material is key. Leather is also hypoallergenic great for people will allergies, prevents dust from hiding in the material

However, some of our fabrics are Teflon treated meaning that If you were to have spillages the liquid sits on top of the fabric and doesn’t sink it allowing it to be wiped away easily. The fabrics without Teflon treatment can be stain guarded on top for an additional charge.


Why not try a mixture of both fabric and leather by adding in an accent chair to sit alongside your sofa. Upholstering in a bright colour can add that pop of colour to the space tying it in with your colour scheme. 

Written By Amber Crossin