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First Impressions


Most of the time, hallways are neglected. A hallway is the first part of your home that anyone will see but most of the time, it is used as a dumping ground for shoes, coats and umbrellas.

Hallways can also be the perfect opportunity to introduce mood lighting. Lighting is an important aspect of every room; however, a hallway is the one place you can get away with not having an extremely bright space.  Floor lamps can be a great idea, as they work as a feature as well as being practical.

But it isn’t just about what the property is like. It should be an introduction of yourself, a bit of who you are. The best way to welcome someone (or yourself) into your home is to display it. This can be through photographs on the wall, initials or the type of wallpaper you choose.  

If you have enough space, introduce furniture into your space. At Camerich, we have many items which can be used to fill your hallway. Beginning from our range of console tables, to our Bell Mirror and Lesso. Our bell mirror being the only one in our mirror range, however being the most popular amongst our customers with its simple design features and bold presence; designed to sit at an angle against the wall, it brings charisma to any space. 

A hallway should give a taste as to what the rest of the interiors in the property are like. It is the one part that requires the least amount of effort and investment, but is still overlooked. 


Alternatively, if you wanted to have a brighter space, mirrors are a great way of doing so. The combination of mirrors and the right paintwork combined can make your hallway look wider.

Written By Gurjeen Hunjan