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Floral Prints

Finally it’s Spring/Summer season and floral prints are the theme for this time of year. Floral prints can alter the atmosphere in any dull space to introduce more life and vibrance! Floral interiors can be designed in a variety of ways and can be made very diverse!

Depending on the patterns on the floral prints it can change the look and mood of the room. Softer floral prints can brighten any space making it appear homely and inviting. Small and dense floral patterns give a more vintage and nostalgic feel, whether it’s on wallpaper or on some cushions it can transform the character of the room.

Floral prints don’t always have to be vintage inspired; some can come with a modern twist. For instance, vibrant floral wallpaper with different colour hues in front of black backgrounds sets a dark and moody theme; giving the space an edgier look. The flowers are emphasized with its vivid colours; making them a statement in the room.

Pastel colour and water colour inspired floral interiors against light/white backgrounds gives the room a bright and soft look with a modern finish.

At Camerich we also have floral fabric (Floral Taupe & Soft Floral) which can be upholstered onto our dining chairs, lounge chairs and sofas (example is our Venus Lounge chair in our Soft Floral fabric.)

Incorporating floral prints in your space can be easy, whether it’s having a floral armchair or bold floral wallpaper, it can completely change the atmosphere and character of your space.

By Nicola Cheung

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