Flying Season


It’s the holiday season and everyone is dreaming about being amidst the clouds on route to their long-awaited holiday destination……

In spirit of such a time why not take a glimpse at our very own cloud inspired modular sofa..

Prepare to be taken in by our bolster cushions; made to offer the most loyal support to your back.

The  pure aesthetic of the bolster cushions aligned together creates such a beautiful look of ease and lightness, as well as providing you the ultimte comfort.


Whilst the feet of the clouds sofa are almost non existent, you would be forgiven for thinking you were floating on a cloud! 


In keeping with the time of travel why not dress up your space in this theme…if you aren’t going anywhere this summer, incorporate picturesque back drops that make you feel you could be elsewhere!


When considering colours why not go for shades that emulate sky colours…

Here at Camerich we have a beautiful array of fabrics to select from.. choose from a range of colours that simulate sunset and sky hues….