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For the Love of Footstools:


If you want that modern chic look, you can transform your ottoman into a coffee table too. Camerich’s famous puck footstools are perfect for that. You can go for a leather look as shown in the image to give you more of a statement, but also in case there’s any accidents you can just wipe it off. If you go for fabric, these covers a easy to whip off should you need to clean them, or swap for a different colour.

Pouffes or footstools, whatever you want to call it, they have the same purpose, to put your feet up and relax! At Camerich we find many people who come in to buy a sofa, have not considered the option of an ottoman or a footstool. Now that the cold season is upon us, its time to put your feet up and get cosy.

Many of our sofa ranges have an ottoman option, giving you a nice flush look within your space. This also has great versatility as it can change the orientation of your room by simply switching sides. Why not match your ottoman with some scatters with our newest fabric ranges?  

Available in a variety of sizes, we think every home needs one of these!



Written By Camila Karimova Joomun