The furniture selected to occupy the space of your room will not only be a functional object to serve a prupose, the three-dimensional form will create a shape within the room, often looking different depending on the viewpoint. You should consider the shapes that will work together and create the right effect to draw the eye.

When you think about geometry things like points, lines, and angles will come to mind – It can take you back to classroom days trying to use a compass or protractor. Geometry is the science of shapes; however the principles can be useful when applied creatively to your interior styling. 

 Play with the negative space surrounding the objects, where the light flows an illusion of space will be created.



This trend can easily become reminiscent of the 60’s if you want a retro look, however you can still bring some geometric accents up to date with a more contemporary style.

Our new 'Vary' range (above) includes pieces of different heights, size and shapes; round, rectangular, oval and square. They all correlate and can be paired together to create a focal point for the room, or separated and used as different pieces. 



Our fantastic Amor sofa is the epitome of all things modern and sleek. It has an angular chaise available as part of the range which is off set at a 45 degree angle, not only is a striking piece which catches your eye, is it the perfect size for snuggling up in. The angular design is off set with our oval Lotus coffee table which adds contrast and a subtle softness to the design aesthetic. 

You should consider the proportion and layout of your space, as the room itself is also a shape, usually rectangle. Factors such as high ceilings, folding doors and entrance ways will also come into play when you think about the layout of your space.




You would be hard placed to find a more Geometric sofa than our incredible Rubix range. Comprised of modular sections the options are absolutely endless; you can create a simple straight sofa or L shape, or you can piece the sections together to create an elaborate set up, the perfect option for an office space or communal area. 


Written By Imoge Abbot