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Getting Autumn ready with terracotta



Although the sunny weather is not making us want to curl up on the sofa right now, it’s not long before the long summer days begin to shorten, so how should you get your home ready for the upcoming winter months?

Terracotta is the way forward this autumn and winter. As well as being rather fashionable, terracotta is fitting for the colder months. It is the shade that sits between orange and brown and it radiates the feeling of warmth and comfort, which is ideal when you want to shelter away from a dreary day outside.  


Terracotta is flexible, it can be used a lead colour of a scheme if you are designing from scratch but equally Terracotta would also be perfect as an accent colour if you were adding it to an existing scheme.  

If your scheme already has warm colours such as browns and reds, then terracotta fits in well and adds another subtle tone into the combination. 

Equally, for a powerful contrast you can add it to cooler colours such as greys and blues. This warms up a room and would be perfect if you felt like your current space was more tailored to the summer months. Simply adding cushions or a throw in the terracotta shade onto a light grey sofa would help change the ambience of a space. 

Dusky pink along with other pastel shades was a massive trend this spring and summer. By adding terracotta to dusky pink along with some other neutral shades such as beige would transform your trendy summer room into a chic winter and autumn space.  

Written By Katrina Dally