Getting Cosy With Cushions

Now that we have entered the month of January and are no longer surrounded by the Christmas magic, everything can feel quite dull. But there are easy ways to create a cosy and refreshed feel to your space. One of the easist ways is by adding cushions. Here are three different looks you can create using cushions. 

Creating contrast

If you currently have colder tones in your space, adding cushions in warmer tones can transform the space. Equally, using cushions as accent colours to create a bold an effective contrast is a great way to make a statement and have a bit of fun!


Matching to the existing furniture

The third way is simple yet effective. Matching the cushions to the sofa fabric may seem like a safe option but this method achieves a simple cosy style, making the sofa look even more padded. This also allows you to keep the colour pallet of the space neutral if desired.


Written By Katrina Dalley

Adding texture

Adding different weaves of fabric or adding leather cushions to the sofa makes a sofa not only look interesting and stylish but also makes the cushions stand out. One of Camerich’ s personal favourites is adding velvet cushions to a sofa. You can see this on display in our show rooms. It creates an elegant yet soft look and gets a lot of attention.