Going Green


Introducing a 'greener' attitude is always a hot topic and is increasingly more relevant in 2019 especially. We have all seen the documentaries and read the articles making it seem too huge of an issue to attempt to tackle. Making your home eco-friendly and introducing sustainable changes may seem too difficult to incorporate, however this is still worth considering as something that might change your entire life for the better.

The best way to make a difference is to cut out negative habits and introduce eco-friendliness into our daily lives and homes. Adding a few ideas into your interior décor is a good starting point. This provides ideas which are not only positive practices but also a fantastic source of inspiration for interior decorating too.  

Plants and foliage have long since been used in the home to carry forward the idea of life and freshness, and they simply make us feel happier. They help purify the air and are the perfect accessory the brighten up a sad and sorry side table.

When you think about colour psychology, green connotes nature, energy and growth. It is a colour with deep connections to our wellbeing. As well as making you think of rolling hills and misty forests the colour also reflects balance and harmony and has a fantastic sense of escapism.

Written By Imogen Abbot






You don't have to go all out and install solar panels and double glazing to help your home become more eco-friendly. There are some much simpler things which can be done, for example using energy efficient light bulbs or low-VOC wall paint. An even easier idea to implement is bringing in a few plants that are going to make your living space greener in more ways than one!

The philosophy of recycling is of course relevant for interior design, you can use sustainable materials such as cork, bamboo and recycled plastic. However you can still give your room a completely new lease of life without throwing out all of your existing furniture.


The idea of reupholstering is a fabulous way to do this. Not only are you going to save money, but also protect some quality pieces from being destroyed in the process. Camerich sofas all come with fully removable covers, so when you are ready for a change this couldn't be easier to do!

Give your space a lift of good energy and tranquil elegance by using touches of greenery here and there amongst your furnishings, to create a feeling of sanctuary within your home.