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Hygge: this was the top trending word in 2016. What is hygge?  Hygge is a pleasant and highly valued everyday experience of safety, equality, personal wholeness and a spontaneous social flow, so what can Hygge mean for us in the hustle and bustle of busy London life? Enter Camerich, specialists in both longevity and comfort.

Spring is approaching, albeit slowly – so how can we continue to embrace Hygge and compete with the Danes to be a little bit happier?


As well as plants being a HUGE trend in the last few years (see http://camerich.co.uk/view/urban-jungle58187), there are other benefits to keeping plants in your home. Along with adding a tiny bit of responsibility into your life (regular watering and nurturing), plants use the carbon dioxide that we breathe out for photosynthesis and in turn, produce oxygen for us to breathe in. This means we are provided with a sense of fresh air without even having to open a window!

This is one of the reasons our showrooms have so many plants and flowers in them, not forgetting the aesthetics (all thanks to Aflorum!) If you’re not big on tending to plants or evern just too busy, a succulent is the best solution – they rarely need watering, and some types even use the moisture from the air to stay alive.


Cosiness (another popular synonym for the word ‘Hygge’ that is without a direct translation) – this is something that we all desperately need.

Whilst a revolution on reducing hours that we spend slaving away (or checking Facebook) is not coming any time soon, we should make the best use of the spare time we do get. Thus, make way for the comfortable sofa! Outside of the hectic London bubble, we spend a large amount of time in front of the TV relaxing on a sofa. So, its longevity and comfort are important to us.

Camerich, specialists in both longevity and comfort.

Our most popular style, the Lazy Time has it all in the name. You might even say that ‘Lazy Time’ could be a synonym for Hygge. But, without getting too carried away, above is the Lazy Time sofa along with views of  greenery outdoors for an extra touch of Hygge.

Along with spending hours lounging around on the down wrapped seat and back cushions of the Lazy Time, comfort in relation to Hygge involves eating foods that you love. So, you may be trying to diet, and may have been particularly good all week – but it is well known by all that sometimes you need a ‘cheat’ day, or to treat yourself. Why? So that you don’t lose the motivation to carry on! Of course, for it to be truly Hygge, it is preferred for you to treat yourself whilst enjoying the company of friends and, if your home is cosy and inviting who wouldnt want to come and enjoy your company?

So, gather your loved ones, your treats, and enjoy them around our Plato Table, whilst comfortably seated on your sofa.
So, create a welcoming home, and enjoy it with your loved ones whilst feasting on your favourite foods, and hopefully you’ll soon start to feel a sense of ‘Hygge’.

If you’re feeling more formal, then you should gather your friends around our Unity table. Again, it’s in the name – round tables do indeed unite you, (they can fit many more seats around than a similar sized rectangular dining table). The Unity table has a turning circle installed in the centre and comes in a luxuary and sought after brown walnut finish.

Another round table of ours is called the Domo. The Domo table also has an optional lazy susan for the centre. This means that you can share your food around the table more easily – and we all know that sharing is caring!


Written by Milda Narmontaite
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