Ice Cream Colours


Ice cream colours are going to be a huge trend this spring/summer, not only in fashion but also in interiors. After a long few months of living in dark gloomy weather and trying your best to make your surroundings feel cosy and joyful, this transition into the spring season will be much brighter, especially with ice cream colours. 

Ice cream colours are light in energy, and help us feel free and are calming. This colour is subtle, yet effective.

The best way to incorporate pastel colours into your space and keep it timeless, is by mixing them with neutral colours – whites and pale greys. Adding geometric accessories such as lighting, and tables, can help make your ice cream coloured space look stylish and sophisticated. In particular, finishes such as rough wood, dark metals and copper work a treat. 

Pastel colours are usually always popular in the springtime, but in 2018, its specifically ice cream colours, such as strawberry pinks, sherbet lemons, and baby blues, that you would find in a simple ice cream parlour. 

It is important to choose the right finishes. At Camerich we have a vast range of fabrics to choose from. Introducing different textures and fibres adds character to any simple space, even with a mellow colour palette. Another incentive is that most of our sofas come with removeable and dry cleanable covers, so even if you decide to change the look of the sofa to fit in with upcoming trends, you can, without it being unreasonablyexpensive. 


Written By Gurjeet Hunjan