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Integrated Storage

Here at Camerich many of our sofa ranges have a lot of added features such as storage components and side tables that can be integrated within the sofa itself. It's definitely a unique feature that is not often seen on your standard sofa. Whether you just want a place to put down your cup of tea in the morning, or your glass of wine at night then the Lazytime range offers a usefull little table that slips in under the seat cushion. This is great if you don’t want a table that will take up room, not to mention it is discreet.

The Nature is one of our newest ranges, it allows you to have a side table that sits over the sofa cushion and tucks in nicely over the piece. We have a few side tables made for this purpose such as the Harmon, Pebble, Vary and the Clouds. Its a great solution for small spaces and allows you to still have a side table if your struggling to have space for one.  

Do you find that clutter tends to build up on your coffee table or side tables? why not consider the Elan sofa range. It provides more then just a table, you can have it with a draw element allowing you to store away things you need at hand but don’t want on show. It also has an additional tray inside the draw allowing you to separate smaller items from your bigger ones.

Our Freetown range gives you the option of adding a bookshelf feature in place of an armrest to allow you to use it as a surface for drinks, books, etc... but also provides you with shelves. If dressed nicely with books or small ornaments it can act as a nice feature to the room.

Written By Amber Crossin