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It's Lit


There is nothing better than turning your side lamp on, whilst in bed to read your latest book. Side lamps create a comfort and a cosy atmosphere in your bedroom. The Flos IC bed side lamp creates an interesting aesthetically pleasing feature to your side table. Although it’s very simple, the light ball rest on the golden stand, creating an optical illusion that the light is floating. 

This Lamp is appropriate for any room, whether in a kitchen, or living room bedroom. The lamp acquires a contemporary aesthetic and contemporary features in any space you desire.

The Superloon slickness is also accompanied with touch sensors which allow you to turn on and off by a simple gesture. The tones of the lamp give a range of warm and neutral lighting, allowing you to adjust the atmosphere on each room.

The days are now starting to get shorter and the sun sets earlier, allowing us to make great use of candles and lamps in the eveneing. In recent years Camerich has worked along side the lighting company Flos.

Flos create interesting geometries within a space, unlike a “normal lamp”. The relationship between lamps and spaces is often neglected, even though your lighting “sets the mood”, which is very important.

The “IT” lamp

Floss Lamp Superloon has been making a mark in all our showroom. This lamp speaks for itself and brings all the attention in the room to itself. The Long stand and the adjustable circular lighting plate allow you to adjust the direction you wish the light shine on. 

Light, today, can be used as a real star of the room. Lamps don’t always need to be the third accent or feature of the room, but they can be the protagonist. The Flos Arco Lamp brings attention to a space thanks to its impressive curvature and marble base. This contemporary light design immediately gives you a special touch to any room. Although, this Flos lamp would be more appropriate for larger spaces, areas such a study rooms, dining rooms and living rooms would work very well. 

Written By Marian N'Ze