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Legs For Days



If you are working with a small space and are in fear of making it look too cramped, then this blog is for you. It is normal to be worried, especially for those less experienced. We are all too familiar with the difficulty that is being too afraid to buy and too worried to make a mistake when it comes to interior design. Hopefully after reading this, you will have gained some confidence.

One simple rule, where you cannot go wrong, is to keep your floor visible.

Here at Camerich, we are no strangers to small rooms. We offer a variation of products that fit the rule of allowing space between the floor and the bottom of your furniture.

 The Crescent (above) is a classic that you cannot go wrong with, offering various of straight sofa options and corner sofas in different sizes. This sectional sofa range is also available in two depth; 93 cm and 103 cm. It is one of the more traditional designed styles, with classic simplistic lines and a more formal appearance, yet very comfortable.

The armrests and backrests are narrow with a slim design which allows maximum seating and a great choice for smaller spaces. Even though it may appear big at first sight, the Moodie (right) is one of our smaller ranges, available only as an armchair, two-seat sofa or three-seat sofa. The depth of this range measures 100 cm. 

It is not jsut sofas which you will need to consider, the same applies for your coffee tables and lounge chairs. This means that all in all you can create a lot of 'ligh't feeling by having everything elevated, even if only slightly.

Have a clear floor as much as possible by choosing sofas and TV stands with legs. Your room will feel instantly more open as light will be able to flow underneath. Chairs, sofas, and beds with skirts can feel boxy. But if you opt for furniture with exposed legs, it creates the illusion of extra room. Creating the illusion of more space is all about creating a sense of openness and movement. Think mid-century modern pieces, which are both low and leggy.

The Notting range below is new to Camerich, it has been extremally popular due to its small size, with a seat depth of 92cm. As you can see, it is a compact size with simple lines. There is also a lot of space between the sofa, making it a perfect match if you love rugs.

The Alison Plus modern sofa compromises beautifully tapered arms, elegant powder coated dark legs and linear styling to bring you a timeless elegant piece of furniture. The sofa range is available in various sections, giving you the flexibility to create different configurations depending on the dimensions of your space.

Alison Plus is one of our narrowest ranges at 97cm deep. However, when sitting on the sofa it still feels quote deep due to the narrow arms and narrow back.





Written By Margaret Wajnkaim