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Light, bright and fresh


Here at Camerich we love assisting our customers in finding the perfect fabric for their sofa, because we like to be so involved in the process, we begin to notice the trends on which colours and textures are particularly favoured.

Using a cream fabric on the sofa helps create a soft but warm tone in the space, to then add to this warmth, rich colours like red and orange work really well.

To add more character within the space, you can add features in darker finishes. In the image above we have added the element Coffee table, the top is a white and Grey Carrara Marble which keeps the space light but in contrast the base of the coffee table is a black coated steel. 

The power of accessories. 

Using whites and creams means that you have kept a neutral base. This means that you have more flexibility with adding smaller touches to the room without it feeling over powering.

We also offer the extra service of stain guarding, for all of our other fabrics, so if you did want to pick a lighter fabric you still can without having to worry about it being ruined.

We hope some of these images and tips have helped inspire you. 

We currently have lots of our  Camerich products on display in whites and creams, so come and visit us at one our London showrooms and we will be more than happy to assist you in finding your perfect fabric.


Over the last few months, we have had a rise in interest on the lighter fabrics; Pure whites and creams. Using these fabrics on Sofas, beds and lounge chairs can create such a beautiful fresh airy look and make a space feel more spacious. In this blog, we will share some of our favourite looks which showcases a wide range of our light fabrics we have in our swatch library and we will also share our tips on how best to pair these white fabrics within a space. 

Using a bold rich accent colour

The Elan sofa range has the option of having a fabric and leather combination. We have finished the arms and the back of the sofa in Tangerine leather and complemented this with a couple of matching cushions. 

If you are working with a smaller space and want to keep the room looking spacious, then the best accessories to add are mirrors and potted house plants.

Beautiful but practical

We realise that although many of our customers would love to go for a lighter colour, their key concern is everyday usage of the sofa that  can cause staining on the sofas. The below fabric is Shale and this is a Teflon treated fabric. This means that if any liquid is split on the fabric, instead of seeping in, the liquid sits on top of the fabric in a bubble. This gives  time to wipe away any liquid before it stains.


Written by Katrina Dalley