London Design Week



After much anticipation following the uncertainty of the pass few years, London Design Week is back for 2021!

With such a focus on domestic spaces, furniture design is having a moment due to the increasing amount of time spent in our homes. Therefore, the importance of the quality of materials we use for longevity and sustainability has taken a focal point.  

Functionality -

At Camerich, we aim to provide furniture that is mastered by craftspeople which embodies a modern aesthetic. Our extensive range of modern sofas are designed to be functional, whilst aesthetically pleasing, transforming your space into something that is practical yet beautiful. If you are wanting a smaller compact sofa that is sleek and simplistic, the Amor Plus is unrivalled in its modern characteristic, including the stunning angular chaise. Alternatively, the versatile modular sofas we offer in our collection mean that customers can completely customised their look, creating a striking sofa for their space. Our innovative  Elan range features the option of integrated storge units finished in stunning brown walnut, to style undeniable comfort with modern functionality .

Craftmanship –

Our Camerich factory use an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified supplier for all wood used in Camerich products, this signifies the sustainability of the wood used as well as the manner in which it is produced. The wood used comes from responsible forestry sources which are environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable.

Downs –


Our designer furniture achieves the ultimate offerings in both softness and luxury. At London Design Week we have seen a lot of high quality materials used, and we emulate this with our sofa filling of down and feathers to provide a truly unrivalled level of comfort for our customers. The generously filled combination of feather and down, provide both comfort and functionality. In addition, in a world of increasing understanding on the importance of ethical products, Camerich  pride itself on certifying our feather and down as sourced cruelty-free.

Attention to Detail -

This Design week we have found a continued trend for workmanship, and skilled crafts that is set to stay. Here at Camerich all our furniture is made with exceptional attention to detail by dedicated craftsmen. We source the finest hardwood birch to hand-craft our sofa frames. In addition, all our sofas and beds also come with a 15 years’ frame guarantee. 

Written by Francesca Smyth